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Perseverance, striving for perfection, and a need to learn every day from the best teacher around, life left the author not just wanting mind expansion but also to delve into the power of his own imagination, a dogged belief that he could create something not just original but believable as well. Everybody has to start somewhere, but over the years, searching for inspiration opened his eyes to so much talent hidden away, with every right to be discovered, and all right in front of his eyes. His father reminded him that we are only on this planet once so we need to cash in on an ability, if so blessed.


After a near fatal car crash in 1989, having been given his last rights, he managed to pull through. He maintains to this very day that he was saved for a reason. Ten years later, he came up with the idea, The Diary whilst watching a B movie, wondering why people felt the need to entertain somebody else’s written statements above their own. Over the past seventeen years, this book has been through rewrite after rewrite, with a will not just to perfect it but also to improve his writing skills along the way, nudged along every so often by his late father, a true inspiration behind his creation.


The author, Terry Beer, was born in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, in 1966 but moved to England when he was four years old. He lived in the borough of Hertfordshire since moving across the water, residing in Broxbourne at present with his wife, Elisa, of twenty-seven years and his two wonderful children, Dana and Brandon, not forgetting the four cats. Over the years, he has written and recorded many songs, some of which he would like to integrate into making a musical of The Diary if fate and time allows, but for now he is more than happy to hold such a project in his hands, just to say “This is my creation.”


To those who take the gamble in investing in such a read, he is not foolhardy enough to believe he can please everyone, for our opinions are what make us all individuals. He would like to think that this book, although fictitious, will at worst challenge your brain, giving you a damn good read in the process.